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  • How does over 50 life insurance work?

    Over 50 life insurance pays out a lump sum to you family when you pass away, so they don't have to worry about how they are going to afford your funeral and outstanding debts. Of course, you might just want to leave them a gift too.

  • Who does over 50 life insurance cover?

    As long as you are a UK resident aged between 50-80, you can get over 50 life insurance.

  • Do I need a medical?

    No. With over 50 life insurance, acceptance is guaranteed. You won’t have to do a medical when you’re applying for cover. 

  • How does Choozi work?

    Choozi take the hard work out of finding the right over 50 life insurance. We have partnered with leading UK insurance companies to get the best prices† for you.

    †  Best price refers to cheapest prices available across Choozi’s insurers based on individual circumstances.

  • How does Choozi get the best price for you?

    Based on the information you provide, Choozi will compare policy prices from leading UK life insurance brands to get the best price† for you.

    †  Best price refers to cheapest prices available across Choozi’s insurers based on individual circumstances.

  • How long does it take to get a quote?

    Usually it takes no longer than four minutes to generate a quote once Choozi gathers some basic information about you and what you need.

  • Is the payout subject to tax?

    As individual circumstances can vary, you should consult a professional tax adviser or solicitor for advice on whether your over 50s life insurance benefits may be subject to inheritance tax. You may be able to avoid inheritance tax by using an appropriate trust.

  • Is there an age expiry for any of your products?

    This will all depend on the type of product you are applying for. For over 50s life insurance and some life insurance policies, you can hold your policy for life. You should check the 'Key Facts Document' for the policy you are interested in applying for.

  • Will my monthly payments rise if I make a claim?

    Your monthly payments will not rise if you make a claim on a policy bought through Choozi. Please read your policy Key Facts document for more information about monthly payments.

  • Can I cancel my policy?

    Every policy has a cooling off period, during which you can cancel it and usually receive back any monthly payments you've made. This is usually 30 days from when you buy the policy or receive your documents, but please check with your insurer. If you cancel your policy after the cooling off period has ended, you will usually not get back any monthly payments or benefit.

  • How do Choozi get paid?

    We receive commission from your insurer when you buy a policy through us. This does not cost you anything extra.

  • How long does it take for a claim to be paid out?

    The amount of time it takes for an insurer to assess an over 50s life insurance claim depends on the nature and complexity of your claim. Once they've received your claim form, they will request any additional information needed from you and promptly pay out if your claim is approved.

    You can help your claim to be processed as quickly as possible by ensuring you complete your claim form correctly and by providing all the necessary documentation promptly.

  • Do life insurance policies expire when you reach a certain age?

    Over 50s life insurance and some life insurance policies can be held for life. Please read your policy's Key Facts Document  for the details.

  • What is my Choozi reference ID?

    When you get a quote, we give you a Choozi reference ID in the form of a number. If you decide to give us a call, we'll need your reference ID to find your quote details.

  • When do I have to pay for my life insurance?

    Insurers have different payment options, but all the policies available through Choozi allow you to pay monthly. 

  • How do I pay for my life insurance?

    You pay for your policy monthly by Direct Debit from your bank account or Visa / MasterCard.


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