How to Approach a Life Insurance Application with Choozi

Buying life insurance might be something that seems intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll help you to find tailored quotes in minutes so you can find the right insurance for you with the least amount of fuss. We get it, filling out a life insurance application isn’t exactly thrilling stuff, but it’s just a few minutes of your day that helps you protect your family’s future.

Not sure where to start when filling out your application? We’ve broken down each step to help you prepare all the information you might need for a straightforward comparison. 

How long will each step take to complete?

  • About you – less than 60 seconds
  • Cover – less than 90 seconds
  • Lifestyle – less than 3 minutes
  • Health – less than 3 minutes
  • Your quotes- less than 20 seconds

About you

To start your application, you’ll need to fill in a few basic details about yourself like your name, age, gender and phone number. Your details will only be used to contact you about your quotes and to help us secure your chosen policy. 


At the start of your comparison journey you will have already selected whether you want quotes for:

You should also know at this point whether you’re looking for single or joint cover. If you opt to add a second applicant you will include their personal details here. 

We’ll ask you a few questions about your cover requirements – how long do you want the cover for, and how much do you need? If you’re uncertain you can use our life insurance calculator to help you figure it out.



Your lifestyle and hobbies could impact what kind of cover you need, so these questions help us to find out a bit more about your daily life and help us to assess your risk level.

We’ll ask you some basic questions like whether you smoke or drink and how often, and if you already have any life insurance. We’ll also ask you about any specific hobbies you might have, like motorcycle sport or scuba diving.

If you opted for two applicants, there will be two identical sections here for both applicants to fill out separately.


In this section, you’ll be asked about your own health and your family’s health. None of these questions are designed to trip you up, it just helps us to find the right policy for your needs.

We’ll ask you about any hereditary conditions that may be present in your family history that you know of, and whether you have any medical conditions at the time of applying. 

It’s important to answer these honestly to make sure that there are no issues with your insurance later down the line. Check and double-check that you’ve answered everything correctly before moving onto the final step.

Your Quotes

Here you’ll see a tailored selection of quotes that suit your needs. Each quote has a short summary about the insurance provider, the monthly cost of the insurance, and a checklist to see if it includes a medical second opinion, virtual GP access and/or health services. A list of standard policy features that are included with all quotes can be found separately on the page.

To find out more about each policy, just click ‘more details’ on the quote summary. We work with the UK’s leading insurers, so you can be confident that whoever you choose, you’ll be in safe hands.

Do’s and dont's to keep in mind

  • Do take your time answering questions and check everything twice for any mistakes
  • Do read our guides to help you choose the right policy for you
  • Do give us a call if you’re unsure of how to answer any questions
  • Don’t rush into choosing a quote
  • Don’t purposely exclude information

Securing your family’s future with Choozi

Finding the right life insurance for you couldn’t be easier. With Choozi, you can compare quotes from the UK’s leading insurers in just 5 simple steps. You can start comparing right away online, or if you’d rather talk to one of our friendly UK team you can call us on 0800 542 0702.


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