What is life insurance?

Life insurance can help to provide financial protection for your loved ones, allowing you to leave behind a lump sum should you pass away.

Life insurance can help provide stability for your family allowing them to cover household bills, any outstanding debts or help with mortgage payments. Choozi help you to compare leading UK insurers in one place, helping you find the best cover.

What type of life insurance do you need?

There are three different types of life insurance to choose from:

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Level term life insurance

With level term life insurance, the payout your loved ones will receive is fixed and stays the same throughout the term of your policy. 

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Decreasing term life insurance

The payout your loved ones will receive decreases throughout the term of the policy, broadly in line with your mortgage being paid off. 

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Increasing term life insurance

The payout your loved ones will receive rises throughout the term of your policy. This is to combat the rising cost of living due to inflation. 

Our life insurance partners

We work with leading UK insurers to save you money and bring you cover you can rely on.

Why you need life insurance

We all take pride in looking after our loved ones and providing for them, but it’s a sobering thought to consider how they would cope financially if you passed away unexpectedly. Could they afford to pay the bills? Would the kids have all the opportunities you’d want them to have? If your family rely on your income, life insurance makes a lot of sense, since they’ll get a cash lump sum if you pass away.

What do you need to get a quote?

With just a few details, you can get the right quote for you.


Health details

Insurers require information about you and your family's health and medical history, including any pre-existing medical conditions. 


Lifestyle information

Insurers need information about your lifestyle choices, including whether you smoke or drink.


Age and occupation

Your age and occupation can affect how much you pay. The older you are, the more expensive it's likely to be. 


Partner's details

If you're applying for joint cover, you'll also need to provide your partner's health details, lifestyle information and occupation. 

How long will it take?

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How we help you save money

Once you've provided your details and requirements, we search leading UK insurance brands to find a range of quotes that suit your needs. Choozi is fully impartial and independent, so you can trust us to bring you the very best policies from top insurers.

Calculate your life insurance cover

Everyone is different and that means the amount of insurance you need will depend on your personal circumstances. Use our handy calculator to find out how much cover you need. 

Frequently asked questions

  • What is life insurance?

    Taking out life insurance is a way to make sure your loved ones have some financial support to fall back on in the event of your death. The payout could be used to help with household bills, unpaid loans or living costs. As long as you keep up with your monthly payments, you can help protect your loved ones from financial uncertainty with a guaranteed lump sum.

  • How does life insurance work?

    Simply choose the policy that meets your needs with a monthly premium amount that suits your lifestyle and budget. As long as you keep up with your monthly payments your life insurance is valid until the term expires.

  • Why do I need life Insurance?

    If you’re concerned that your family might not be able to cope financially without you, you should consider life insurance. Securing a policy can help to protect your family from financial hardship as a result of your death.

  • Who can get life insurance?

    If you are a UK resident aged between 18 and 65, you can apply for life insurance. In general, the younger you get life insurance the cheaper it will be.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of your monthly premiums will depend on the type of policy you take out, how much cover you choose, your age, health, lifestyle, and the length of time you want cover for.


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