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  • What's covered by critical illness cover?

    What’s covered by critical illness cover varies depending on the provider. The severity of how you’ve been affected by the condition may also affect whether you can claim critical illness cover. 

    Physical disabilities caused by serious injury can also be covered in some cases. This might be an accident at work or a car accident for example. Some common conditions covered include cancer, heart attack and stroke providing they are of a certain severity.

  • How does life and critical illness cover work?

    You can choose to get a quote for combined life insurance and critical illness cover. In doing this, you can choose a single cover amount and your monthly payment will be calculated by a single insurer based on how much cover you want, your age and some health and lifestyle factors.

  • What if I get a critical illness before I die?

    In the case that you are diagnosed as critically ill or injured, you will receive a tax-free lump sum payment if you suffer a critical illness that is covered under your policy.

    Should you die without having ever claimed critical illness, your family will receive both payments at once.

  • Can I get critical illness cover for my partner?

    Yes, you can take out critical illness cover for both you and your partner. It’s a hassle free process as critical illness cover can easily be added onto your life insurance policy.

  • What if I have a pre-existing condition?

    A pre-existing medical condition is an illness or disease that you have had advice for, symptoms of, or treatment for before taking out critical illness cover. There may be some pre-existing conditions that affect your ability to take out critical illness cover. 

    When you apply for critical illness cover with Choozi, we will ask you some health and lifestyle questions to help decide whether or not you are eligible for cover. If you need more information regarding whether your pre-existing condition will affect your ability to take out critical illness cover, please call us on 0800 458 3050.

  • What if I pass away from a critical illness?

    If you pass away from a critical illness, your loved ones will receive the full payout from both your critical illness policy and your life insurance policy.

  • Can I get critical illness cover without life insurance?

    No, you must get critical illness cover as an add-on to either a life insurance or mortgage life insurance policy.

  • What is life and critical illness?

    Not only does life and critical illness cover you if you pass away unexpectedly, but your loved ones will also get a tax free lump sum if you are diagnosed with an illness such as a heart attack (of specified severity), stroke (resulting in permanent symptoms) or cancer (excluding less advanced cases), what’s covered by critical illness varies depending on the provider.

  • Why life and critical illness?

    Would you and your family be able to get by if you fell seriously ill and couldn’t work? How would you continue to pay the household bills and mortgage? Adding critical illness cover to your life insurance policy ensures that you'll have some money to help if you are diagnosed with a serious illness. The tax free lump sum you will receive can help pay the bills, cover medical expenses or any other costs associated with your recovery. It could even be used to make adjustments to your home if you become disabled. While life insurance helps protect your loved ones, critical illness cover can help protect you too. 

  • Who can get life and critical illness?

    If you are a UK resident aged 18–65, you can apply for life insurance and critical illness cover. In general, the younger you take out life insurance, the cheaper it is.   


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